I previously wrote a bunch of stuff about Morthos’ journey from when he first arrived to now, purely in terms of his aesthetic. But then the internet screwed me and deleted it, so I’m summarizing now. He showed up as a reckless musketeer, then the forest murdered his friends and stole his eyes, so he decided to embrace what the forest seemed determined to make him. He now wears leather sleeves made from black dragon skin, with the Duneyrr logo stitched onto the right shoulder. Loose-fitting pants and open-toed foot wraps finish off his new look, keeping him relatively simple and unadorned. His body is covered in scars, burns, and bruises, some of which have permanently altered the color of his skin in places. He has reddish-purple skin, thick horns that curve off from his forehead, and a thick tail that tapers thinner towards the end.


Age: 27

He/Her/They/It: He

Where do you come from? I come from outside the forest. From a small part of the world divided into many factions, nations, and tribes. I’m a soldier in the People’s Army, we would free-roam the area and basically help and protect people that needed it. All those different groups in such a small space, you can imagine the types of conflicts that crop up. (So I’m starting to picture Morthos’ homeland as basically Europe, in terms of geography. Like, a relatively small physical area that’s home to numerous small nations and whatnot. And so the People’s Army basically just acted as roaming arbitrators and protective troops whenever conflicts would arise)

How do you talk? I speak relatively plainly. I’m not interested in adornments or embellishments in language. In fact, that type of stuff would generally hinder me in what I do. People aren’t as interested in your help if they can’t understand what you’re trying to say.

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without? A mission. Having purpose, people who depend on you and you can depend on.

What do you spend most of your days doing? Well, aside from my standard duties as a scout for the People’s Army, I like to spend most of my days around people. Not in an overly social way, but getting to know them, how they work, what they need. I obviously keep up with my training as well. Combat ability is important in an army, you could say.

Where do you spend your days? Since my assignment to the forest and hooking up with this local band of adventurers, I tend to spend my days with them in Cooper Tow. There’s an inn we tend to operate out of, we spend a lot of time there. And then beyond that, I try to spend as much time out in the forest as possible. I am here to get a sense of what life is like in here to report back to the People’s Army, after all.

What do you do for fun? Fun? I don’t know, spending some downtime getting to know my new teammates, mostly. But I am here on a mission, so I don’t have a lot of time for fun.

Who do you love most? That’s a tough one. I move around a lot, what with my assignments and what not. I tend not to stay in one place long enough to form lasting connections like that.

What are you scared of? Failing. Losing people. It’s…happened before. There’s nothing worse than being responsible for someone’s death and then walking away. It sticks with you.

Who do you dislike most? Bullies. Anybody who exploits others for their personal gain, really. That’s why I joined with the People’s Army. Somebody’s gotta help those who can’t help themselves.

If you could have anything in the whole world what would it be? Safety for the people around me. I don’t much care if I get hurt, really, but if the people around me can be kept safe, that would be ideal.

What do you like about yourself? I’m pretty brave, I guess? Although that probably has more to do with stupidity than anything else. Wherever I am, it’s probably 50 or 60 feet further ahead than I should be at any given time, haha.

What would other people say you are good at? I can be pretty sneaky most of the time? I don’t know, I’m really not anything special, by and large. I just do the best I can.

What do you want to change about yourself? *I could probably stand to be a bit less reckless… One side effect of losing people in the field; you start to rely less on your team and try and do everything on your own. One of these days that may come back to bite me in the ass.

What is your favorite book/story/artist? I’ve always been fond of this story:
A blind man was carrying a lame man on his back,
and everything was going well, everything’s on track.
Then the blind man decides to take it into his head
that he needn’t listen to all that the lame man said.
“This stick I have will guide the two of us safe,” said he.
Although he was warned by the lame man, he plowed into a tree.
On they proceeded; the lame man now warned of a brook;
The two survived, but their possessions a soaking took.
At last the blind man ignored the warning of a drop,
And that was to turn out their final and fatal stop.
Which of the two travelers, you may ask, was to blame?
Why, ‘twas both the heedless blind man and the trusting lame

It’s stuck with me, two parties, each with their own hinderances, working together to accomplish a task. Ultimately, they go wrong when the blind man stops trusting his partner. I’m not always great at that myself, so I try to remember this story. Trust your team, and you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. But try and take it all on yourself and you’ll only screw things up for all involved.*

What is your favorite food? The Staggering Stag serves quite a lot of good food, actually. I’m used to these military rations, so I may be a bit easy to please, but the allosaurus meat roasts are pretty fantastic.

Do you have a pet? I don’t. I don’t really have the time to dedicate to that sort of thing.

If your house was burning down, what would you take with you? I’m kind of a simple man, I don’t require a lot of material things. If there were any people in there, obviously I’d get them out first.

You’ve got that. Now what non living thing would you take with you from the house? Oh, I see what you did there. Well, I don’t really have much need of possessions. Anything I have can easily be replaced, so as long as people are safe, there’s not a whole lot else I need.


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