Marceau du Joubert


Marceau is a dark elf (or cave elf) from the area surrounding Cris. He has an athletic frame, built more for speed and agility than strength. His skin is a deep purple-blue, and his hair is stark white, buzzed entirely on the sides and left longer on the top. Because of his sensitivity to sunlight, he dresses in clothing to protect his face and skin. A cloak wrapped scarf-like around his neck, often pulled up over the lower half of his face, overtop leathers and a wide-brimmed hat adorned with a feather. He also has a pair of sun-reducing goggles of sorts, an eye covering made of bone with thin slits carved out for him to look through. Skilled in many forms of combat, Marceau has a weapon for any occasion. While he prefers his longbow and precision archery, he also carries with him a rapier, four pistols, a hand crossbow, and a dagger.


Age: 22

He/Her/They/It: He

Where do you come from? I’m from Cris. I grew up more or less in the mountain where they quarry stone from.

How do you talk? Colorfully and confidently. I like people, I like to talk. Connecting with people, getting reactions from your words, good or bad, it’s pretty much the best. (It should be safe to point out that most of what Marceau says is spoken with a shit-eating grin on his face)

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without? The other Duneyrr. I’ve never really had much in the way of friends and family, so being part of something now feels pretty amazing. (Another applicable answer: An audience)

What do you spend most of your days doing? Entertaining, if possible! Telling stories of our grand adventures, showing off my archery skills, painting for people. I like to see smiles on people’s faces. And if I put it there, all the better! (Lately, he spends most of his time at the Steadfast Stag, I believe it’s called, helping Baraeris serve the disenfranchised and under privileged. Also, he entertains out of a deep-seeded insecurity, which basically drives all his cocky bullshit)

Where do you spend your days? If I could choose, either in front of a crowd at the Staggering Stag, or out in the field in the heat of an adventure! (See aforementioned charity work)

What do you do for fun? I like to paint. A lot of what I’ve said sort of covers this question, actually. Entertaining others, enjoying the admiration of a crowd, performing feats of derring do.

Who do you love most? Well, I actually just recently started a relationship with someone. Her name’s Liv, she’d come around the Stag from time to time and listen to my stories. She’s pretty great, there’s nothing more exciting than a new romance. (In reality, Liv is a shallow Duneyrr groupie. She’s with Marceau because of his relative celebrity status and he’s with her because of his lack of self-esteem, which her admiration helps gloss over. There’s not much of a real connection there)

What are you scared of? Fear? I don’t know the meaning of the word! (Rejection)

Who do you dislike most? I know this is what Morthos said, but I’m also not a fan of bullies. If the best you can do with your life is abuse and exploit other people, you clearly don’t have a very good imagination. (This is true, he doesn’t like bullies, but the more honest answer is probably himself. Gotta hide that self-hate in overcompensating confidence!)

If you could have anything in the whole world what would it be? Fame, of course! To hear people shout my name when I walk into a room. Becoming a world-renowned hero and adventurer! And hell, I’m probably in just the right place for that. (Also true, but probably more to feel better about himself than for the overly confident machismo spin he typically puts on it)

What do you like about yourself? Heh, I mean, what’s not to like, really? (This one is probably transparent enough on its own)

What would other people say you are good at? Well, Morthos seems to like my skill in combat. He says I remind him of his days learning the discipline of the blade. He actually had my rapier made for me using the swept hilt of his shattered sword. I think in training me he’s trying to recapture something he lost, but just from seeing some of his injuries after he comes back from a mission with the Elders, I think I’ll stick to my bow. Harder to get your ass kicked when you fight from a distance.

What do you want to change about yourself? Well, I don’t know. I feel pretty solid…but I suppose if I had to pick something, I might consider dropping a little of the bravado around my friends… I mean, not that this isn’t who I am or anything. What you see is what you get, you know what I mean? But around them…I could maybe stand to change a little… (SO MANY THINGS. But yeah, mostly his mask of bravado and shit. It’s a defense mechanism, but even he’s self-aware enough about it at times to know it’s annoying to interact with)

What is your favorite book/story/artist? Well, I’ve been told I tell a pretty exciting tale or two. But I do like listening to Jura and Teian recount some of their earlier exploits. We’ve had some pretty exciting adventures, but nothing quite like free-falling off the backs of wyverns through a hail of fireballs to take out an enemy stronghold. That’s the stuff legends are made of!

What is your favorite food? Blueberries.

Do you have a pet? Nah, I don’t really have time for pets. Plus, I can barely take care of myself! (Delivered as a joke, kinda not one!)

If your house was burning down, what would you take with you? There’s a portrait of Liv I carry with me now. I’d make sure I had that. (It’s not of Liv)

You’ve got that. Now what non living thing would you take with you from the house? Probably my bow. If my house is burning down, it probably means somebody needs to be shot.

Marceau du Joubert

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