Microscope Palette


  • Were-Creatures – Gray
  • Post-Apocalyptic Societies – Ben
  • Magic and Technology cannot be used at the same time – Jhon
  • Morally gray divinity – Conrad
  • The immortal soul has power – JT
  • The immortal soul is non-magical – JT
  • An ancient race existed before humanity – Revan
  • Non-magical super powers – Jack
  • Psionics is a kind of magic – Jhon
  • Struggle for the new resources created by the change -Ben
  • Idyllic Super Villain Dictatorship (Dr. Doom) – Jack
  • Although interdimensional travel is rare and difficult, splinter groups of humanity exist in other dimensions – Gray
  • Great mountains – Conrad
  • Changes to the environment change the geography – Ben
  • Necromancers are a thing – Ben
  • Twins are important to ritual magic – Jhon
  • The environment is a always a pressing and dangerous adversary – Ben
  • City-state/Iron Age sophisticated feral communities – JT
  • Intelligent monsters from the forest are not ego-based (sense of self is not primary motivator / hive mind) – Jhon
  • All resources are Scarce – Gray
  • Constant layering of the new forest over the old structures (bones of the past) – Ben
  • Magical mutant humanoids are emerging but still rare – JT
  • Ritual magic is required to contain the immortal soul – Jhon
  • A tribe exists together with the monsters of nature – Jack
  • High density, non-hostile fauna – JT
  • The floral hive-mind infects other fauna via spores – Jhon
  • The major powers of the world are impotent here – Gray
  • Bones of the past – Conrad


  • No divine direct interaction/corporeal manifestation by gods on the mortal realm (except through “human” aid) -Jack
  • Magic items cannot be crafted anymore – Revan
  • No pan-racial politics – Gray
  • No single creator – Conrad
  • You can’t understand creatures from other frames of reference – Jhon
  • No permanent mono-polar politics – JT
  • No talking animals, except parrots -Revan
  • No ubiquitous language, currency -Revan
  • No enemy is permanent except for the environment – Gray
  • No Time-travel – Conrad
  • No Magical flying cities/geography – JT
  • No post-medieval technology, except zeppelins – Jack
  • No fire as universal cure for plants – Gray

Microscope Palette

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