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Major Towish Noble Houses

  • The Tendaras – A fox wreathed in silver flames on a field party per bend of purple and blue – culture/etiquette/perfection in all things/them quarries. The Shining jewel of the courts. Masters of all the arts.
  • The Krimptons – A green banner emblazoned with the head of a bear – Strength/courage/self-determination/blacksmithing/sometimes associated with the rural lands. Often portrayed as boorish and loud. Prefer to confront issues rather than relying on intrigue.
  • The Wilmarths -The face of a serpent on a field of deep blue – politics/intrigue/sorcery. Penchant for forbidden and lost knowledge. If you want to know a secret, The Wilmarths are a good place to start – but be prepared to pay the price.
  • The Ungern-Sternbergs – A wolf on a field party cross of green and grey – Knowledge is a weapon that must we must wield to protect our freedom. Combination scholar / berserker. (In combat, they are completely mad). Brutal taskmasters. All their lives they have studied strategy and tactics. Always on the look out for the advantage.
  • The Hawthornes – A golden owl on a field party per chevron of blue and green – Nobility as in “acting noble”. they’re bastions of moral/ethical good. Prefer to influence rather than actually lead.
  • The Mavelotten – A black banner bearing a horse – They’re the dudes who murdered the last doge. Their house is veiled and in tatters.
  • The Larena – A falcon displayed on a field party per cross of purple and green – mostly like robin hood. Mostly formed out of what were nomadic criminals who stopped travelling and quickly gained power in Towish politics. From a commoner’s view, they’re mostly seen to be fighting for the people.
  • The Bahegan – A boar on a field party per bend sinister of green and red – a combination of tribes that made up very violent raiders who are trying to be represented in the republic in trade for the protection it provides. They have enough land and power to make them a major player, but really don’t play the game.

Crazy Items Jhon Gave Us

Plot hooks

  • Bounty on Tulane
  • Bounty on Bloom Ward Woman
  • Indulgence from the Order at Anaphe
  • Letter from Lady Hawthorne
  • Marceau is marked by the Handsome Man
  • Subway Spiders
  • Soul Eater sleeping under spiders – “Jailer Priests of the Eightfold”
  • Location of three Rhyzian Agents in Coopertow, Stonebowl, and Cris
  • Bloomward have infiltrated the Republic Guard
  • Location of three hivemind nodes
  • Three Lion Staging Points
  • Volcano Hobgoblin Giants
  • Black Annie’s Soul
  • Who is infected by what?
  • The fuck happened and Alfred & Sons?
  • Note hinting the Maveloten murder of Doge Ungern-Sternberg Sr. was to help the Duneyrr
  • Blossom has taken over the Vale

Prisoners of War

  • 6 Ogres
  • 42 Hobgoblins
  • 55 Goblins
  • 16 LIzardmen
  • 3 Humans
  • Lippa

Indentured Servants

  • Feedu
  • Destra – Silver haired minotaur


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