Mildeve "Mel" Braß

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Mel’s Personality

Michi’s Personality

Skin Tone: Pale with a blue tinge. Looks almost dead
Ears: Long with several webbed points. The ears point out away from the head.
Hair: Short Blue
Eyes: Purple/Brown

Other Marks: Gills across the jugular. Two slight scars making two gaps in the outside of the right eyebrow.

  • Age: 136 (should be 126)
  • Height: 6’3"
  • Weight: 123lbs
  • He/Her/They/It: Her
  • Where do you come from? Sosola – The last jewel of civilization bordering the Nelan Abyss.
  • How do you talk? Like the rolling waves.
  • What is the one thing you couldn’t live without? I come from the sea and the thought of being away from it makes me uncomfortable.
  • What do you spend most of your days doing? Guiding the men in keeping the ship in top shape. Definitely not gambling with them…. not at all…
  • Where do you spend your days? Below deck. The sun and I don’t get along well.
  • What do you do for fun? Play cards.
  • Who do you love most? Lady luck always has my back, but beyond all else I care for Bort’daden.
  • What are you scared of? Heights.
  • Who do you dislike most? Anyone who wastes my time. I’ll bet on you once. After that, there are few odds that would make me bet again.
  • If you could have anything in the whole world what would it be? The deed to the Evans’ Estate.
  • What do you like about yourself? I am a good judge of people.
  • What would other people say you are good at? Most people think I don’t know when to quit, but they don’t understand that the high tide follows the low.
  • What do you want to change about yourself? I wish I were a woman again.
  • What is your favorite book/story/artist? Ducahain’s adventures are some of my favorite.
  • What is your favorite food? Fried Chicken
  • Do you have a pet? Not any more. I used to have a Wharfling named Phera when I lived in Sosola. I wish I had a sheep dog.
  • If your house was burning down, what would you take with you? My necklace. It has no material value, but it means a lot to me.
  • You’ve got that. Now what non living thing would you take with you from the house? My cards

How did Mel end up in prison?

As far as the record is concerned, the two were walking down the street after a friendly card game that Mel came out on the bad side of. Mel pushed Mr Evans into an alley and, given the frostbite on the man’s neck, used some sort of ice magic to kill the man then used fire to hide the evidence – based on the large scorch marks on the surrounding alley. Mel then took the deed the man had flashed when gambling and then ran.

By Mel’s account, Mel won the deed in the card game. Later the two of them left and Mr Evans pushed Mel into the alley and pulled a knife. Mel stood up to Mr Evans despite Mr Evans threats. When Mr Evans came at Mel, Mel (being unarmed) responded with magical force. The magic flew out of Mel’s veins and scorched the alley. Mr Evan’s death was an unfortunate accident.

Tell me about the snow globe.

Inside the snowglobe is a small cabin on a snowy mountainside. The yard is overgrown with leaves and underbrush that pokes through the snow. The cabin’s details make it look like wood, but the entire thing is colored of stone. Butterflies and bubbles swarm out of the chimney like smoke. On the porch are a pair of boots, a small clay jar, and a large Iron pot. Beside the cabin is a wooden stable. All the latches on it appear rusted.

Target sprouts leaves x2
Next phrase spoken by the caster becomes true
Next phrase spoken by the caster becomes true
A random item nearby becomes magical – Boots added to the snow globe (Boots)
Target changes sex
Polymorphs randomly (Pony)
Fireball centers on target
Iron Pot
Magic Missile hits all enemies
Cast Gate
Mel was turned to stone
Summoned a Wall of Fire
Summoned a Rust Monster
Catapulted herself into the snake boss
Summoned a Stink Butt
A random item nearby becomes magical – Jar containing lizards now holds 10 gallons
A stream of butterflies comes forth from the caster’s mouth
Cast Gate to the Arthas Mountainside – Pulls through a dusty air elemental.
Caster Ages 10 years

Tell me about Sea Elves

Mel is from the undersea city of Sosola which is on the edge of the Nelan Abyss. It’s a frontier town that has built up a bit. One part treasure hunters taking risks in the Abyss. One part people just wanting to see the vast unending darkness.

They farm seaweed and that sort of thing. They farm fish but not by caging, more herding them around and protecting them from predators using wharflings.

Worship mostly centers around the catfish queen, the vengeant catfish, the great catfish, leaving offerings to protect both the city and the treasure hunters below.

In their early interactions with man, they would rescue them from downed ships and bring them into town for medical aid. This lead to them drowning and an early belief that men would die if kept away from their ships for too long.

That isn’t a true belief anymore, but it still weaves its way into speech.

The city is deep in the ocean, but still gets some sunlight. At night the rocky homes and business are lit by glowing and tendrilled anemones.

There are various factions. Out on the frontier they are only loosely in the grasp of any central power and don’t have the same desire and love for jewelry that they do. Even beyond an individual kingdom, there are several that all co-exist.

Elves in the cities desire and love jewelry leading to quite the reputation. Not much of it stays in Sosola.

Mildeve "Mel" Braß

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